Belum Tentu, Ketika Kamu menyerahkan kehidupan kamu seluruhnya kepada orang lain, maka kamu mendapatkan dia…

Mungkin, kamu seorang diri di dunia ini, tapi mungkin juga kamu dunia bagi seseorang

Jangan Tersesat di dunia Cinta..



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Love But Cry

Love, blinded a result of it sometimes.
The man who love a woman, so also on the contrary, make a hurts from the kiss. Ability a love hesitated sometimes on the happiness building.
The case, ego abundant always people using not in principal loving each other.
We feel it, we experience of loving, yielding tear.
How can we manage an ego ?
At all of people have an ego. But, if we won't a negative result, be positive thinking and be patient accustoming. It affects to make how a couple understand what we want it.
Responsible what we said, because, a person have a positive value from what it said and what we do.
Consistency, depending on Happines building of a couple want. Conceiving our couple is an angel accepting better circumstance each other.

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